Our Story

Story-Time Toy and Educational is an independent importer and wholesaler of educational toys, teaching resources and specialty furniture. We specialise in quality toys and teaching resources for the 2 to 8 years old age group.

We have been in business since 1994. Our range of products has gradually expanded in response to demands.

Our products have received nominations and awards by the Independent Toy Specialist of Australia (ITSA) . See Noahs Ark playset (K3) and Today Is fabric wall chart (C11).

We supply Early Childhood and kindergarten suppliers, Independent toy stores, Children's book shops, gift shops that sell quality children's lines and furnishing outlets that sell children's furniture. We are wholesalers, and do not supply the general public, as our web site shows.
If you are interested in our products, either apply online to become a customer, or contact   We believe that play is important to the healthy development of children. We therefore provide products that stimulate imagination or encourage interaction between educators and children.
For example, one of our most popular products has been the "Old Lady who Swallowed a Fly" doll (Products B7, B8). The children are delighted by the funny and surprising story and can be involved in helping to act out the story with the carer/teacher. In the process, they learn rhymes, cooperation and drama.

As our name suggest we sell products that provide long play-value, or assist carers and educators to engage children in stories and life issues. Many of our products facilitate anti-bias education . As indicated in our philosophy above, we don't sell licensed products that are just spin-offs of Hollywood productions. We sell products that teach, stimulate the brain and engage cooperation.
Many of our products have been designed by early childhood teachers, or in consultation with early childhood people.
We currently source products from many different suppliers in the Philippines, Sri Lanka and Indonesia. All our products are made in small to medium holdings. Value is added to many of our products here in Australia.

If you have specific design needs but don't need minimum quantities of many thousands, we can help provide you with an economical and quality product. We can select from a number of different crafts-people, each with their different skills. You get the benefit of this quality assurance as well as the economic benefit of offshore manufacturers. David and Mandy Carroll are the sole proprietors of Story-Time Toy & Educational .They have six children ranging from ages 12 to 22. Life is busy with schooling and running a small business and other community activities !! . They bring their children up in a semi -rural environment with lots of space for "kids to be kids" . Their children have got plenty of room to play and use their imaginations. Remember ...."Play is important".


You will see these values reflected in your dealings with Story-Time Toy and Educational.